The 3D4DEAF project aims to bring together a transnational team of experts to design, produce, and pilot-test a TOOL KIT to empower VET trainers to promote 3D technologies and social entrepreneurial skills among their students with deafness/hearing impairments.

Introduce non-formal learning opportunities in the form of extra-curricular activities as purported by the 2018 Digital Action Plan to provide VET teachers and students with a comprehensive training pack based on real needs through the creation of the 3D4DEAF SOCIAL HUBS
Identify and equip individuals with digital skills to turn social needs into entrepreneurial plans
Open up new career paths for these students as digital entrepreneurs and new digital creators and leaders who resolve social issues and environmental issues through developing robust innovation tools
Promote the project results to the target groups and ensure a strong impact through dissemination activities



Discover insights, tools, and resources designed to empower VET trainers in fostering 3D technologies and social entrepreneurial skills among students with deafness/hearing impairments!