European monitoring report & 3D4DEAF dual training pack: introducing 3D technologies in teaching and learning for a sustainable future

Cloud-based platform and mobile app: e-learning, e-assessment, e-community and 3D4DEAF entrepreneurs network

The augmented reality game for setting up a social business, training mobility & final design


Find here the national reports for each country and the infographic that includes all the information


The Study visits are activities included in the 3D4DEAF DUAL TRAINING PACK: INTRODUCING 3D TECHNOLOGIES IN TEACHING AND LEARNING FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE: Early autumn study visits -either face to face either online -have been planned and implemeted in Poland, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, and Spain. The visits offered the occasion to work closely with a deaf school and persons, VET centres, social enterprises, SMEs and associated partners for presenting project goals,outcomes and get insights on possible issues for deaf individuals with 3D technology, digitalization and entrepreneurship. Study visits were structured as follows:

Presentation of the 3D4DEAF project

Presentation of the 3D4DEAF project results developed under WP2 (national report, infographics, guidebook, videos).

Open discussion on future challenges.